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February 12, 2016
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February 12, 2016

Upcoming Design Trends for 2016


When I am designing some clients worry about their residence looking overly trendy.  I always say this is the beauty of interior design; it is constantly changing and keeps home interiors Interesting.  I mean would we really want the mauve, powder blue, and seafoam green, of the late 1980’s to stay in style…I think not.

However, one of my design philosophies to avoid getting too trendy is find only a few less expensive trendy pieces that you love and put them in the space.  These pieces will serve as focal points and conversation pieces in an interior.  Usually if you love a piece you will treasure that piece in a room, until it’s time for a change.  Weather it is 7 years, or 10 years EVERYTHING does get “dated”, and I find an updated interior can be a cathartic experience in life.   We all change as we go through our lives, and the interiors of our homes really mimic our life – always ever changing.

With that said, here are a few design trends in 2016 which are hot hot hot.

  1. Current paint colors in interiors have moved away from the strong saturated colors and have become more calm, quiet, and serene. Grey and white are very popular paint colors today, and are being used in a variety of ways next to each other.   Calming soft grey blues are also popular and follow this trend.   Stronger accent colors are dark blues, corals, and amethyst.


  1. Everything geometric. I say use this design trend sparingly.  It is best to use the “geometric trend” in accessories, lamp shades, rugs, pillows, bedding, vs. using them on larger interior priced items.  I see a lot of geometrics out there in “design land” and I fear  it is beginning to become the overdone horrid nightmare of the 1980’s wallpaper boarders in every room…yes I’m still having design tremors over this one.


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Lighting Takes Center Stage

Lighting is a very important finish in interior design, and often gets forgotten.  Today’s interiors are moving toward creating a “lighting statement” with an interesting lighting fixture that is unique and different.  It is a good way to change a room’s look at a minimal cost.